Sunday, 9 November 2014

Business Graduates Excel through Startup Incubator

Like it or not, bootstrapping sucks! Why? Sowing seed is one thing, while nurturing it to a full-fledged tree is absolutely different. Hell lots of challenges are involved in turning a startup into a successful business.

Management schools including leading ones produce thousands of business graduates every year. Majority of them become part of rat race, joining prominent companies, which shell out fat pay cheques. Who doesn’t like hefty salary? However, there is a breed of business graduates that doesn’t follow the rat race, conventional career ladder; they are the people who love starting their own company.

For such a breed start up incubator is a blessing in disguise. The new age methodology is not less than a miracle for students, upcoming businessmen, and new companies’ founders. And why not!
Many students who were running from pillar to post to find a launching pad for their dream idea, concept, and company are now a successful businessman, courtesy – startup incubator.

Let’s Unravel the Mystery behind the New Age Phenomenon

Startup incubator is custom-made for business graduates on the lookout for a platform to accomplish their dream of heading a successful business.

Industry experts have defined the modern phenomenon as an amalgamation of a range of business development processes, techniques developed and designed to promote the new companies. One of the main objectives of this system is to – enable the new company in establishing as a brand.

Many fresh business graduates attribute success of their new company to startup incubator.
Business graduates aiming to make it big in the business sector with their new company must keep in view startling findings of a global business school.

As per the research of the Harvard Business School – about 75% of the startup companies are compelled to shut their shops as they fail to encounter the tough market competition. This shows the volatility of the market.

Bootstrapping sucks, however, with guidance, mentorship business graduates can do what they intend to do.

Come In the Lap of Innovify

As a research scholar, working on incubators, I can recommend their usage to business graduates. Innovify, a company with hands-on experience in the genre is enabling many business graduates in coming up with a successful company. Come in their fold and see the difference!!!
Innovify takes pride in having an outstanding team of professionals onboard, who bring with them scintillating experience of defining the destiny of thousands of business graduates. You could be the next!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Transform Your Destiny through Unique Startup Accelerator

I’m writing this blog, focusing on the importance of startup accelerator, thinking it will provide readers, promising entrepreneurs, new companies glimpse of the new age phenomenon, and how they can benefit out of it.

Entrepreneurs have this habit of taking risk, doing something of their own. They are ordinary people with incredible qualities to launch, start a startup of their own. But fact remains – every entrepreneur can’t become a successful businessman as transforming a new business to a successful business has never been an easy ride. Tons of challenges are involved, including investment, space, human capital, and mentorship among others. Not all new companies can surmount these challenges.

What Research Says?

Let me bring to your attention a very significant finding of a famous business school Harvard Business School. According to this critical research – barely 25% of the new businesses overcome the cut throat market competition. While 75% of the startups fail to sustain the market pressure, leading to closure of the entities.

According to that research-75% of new companies fail to sustain the market pressure. Most of them encounter similar kind of challenges.

Leverage the Startup Accelerator

The emergence of the wonderful phenomenon has been a huge relief for new companies, promising entrepreneurs. Considering their requirements, new businesses, and new companies can leverage the new way of scaling up.

Conventionally startup accelerator provide a wide range of services intended to bring a turnaround in the destiny of startups, including training, mentoring, networking, and funding among others.  Couple of crucial things – this methodology takes a new business in its lap for a defined period, running from 3 to 6 months, and infuses seed capital from the transformer.

As per market trends services are exchanged at a nominal amount in the form of equity, ranging from 6 to 9 per cent. For a new organization struggling to create a base, it’s quite affordable. That’s how the phenomenon works.

Explore Your Future at Innovify

As a research scholar, doing research on new companies, startup accelerator, I would like to recommend Innovify. Why? You can bank on their expertise in bringing about a turnaround in the future of new companies. If you have a wonderful idea, concept, product, need a mentor, end your search at Innovify.

Many new companies have realized their strategic goals, leveraging their expertise. A team of expert professional works in tandem with the founders, enabling them overcome the trade hassles.

So, if you are fed up, running from one organization to another to establish your dream company as a brand, come in the fold of Innovify. You could be the next big business man. Who knows!!!   

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Scaleup Your Startup Leveraging Accelerator

 At Innovify, we are driven by our vision to enable startup companies realize their strategic growth, full potential. Motivated by our vision, we are enabling unsung, amazing ventures, ideas, projects, which otherwise may not see the light of the day, in taking the real shape.  That’s our one line strategic agenda. Proud to share-we adhere with this philosophy in letter and spirit.

Are you seeking a reliable mentor to render fillip to your out of box idea, which otherwise will remain unaccomplished??? Are you fed up running behind mentors, accelerators to comprehend your ideas, concept? Here is your opportunity to come in the lap of an organization with marvelous record in shaping the destiny of many new entrepreneurs.

Why Us?

There are reasons galore to leverage on our business competency. Here are some of them:
  • We are one of the leaders in the genre
  • Team of experts from a wide spectrum of industry onboard
  • Proven track-record in enabling startup accelerate
  • Feasible business model
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Research and Development wing to analyze the idea, venture on various business challenges like feasibility, revenue model, and growth among others
  • Good return on investment
  • Full access to strategic accelerator
  • Access to customer base
  • Access to products, technology
  • Business mentoring

A strategic division with the name Innovify Accelerator is fully equipped with the requisite tools, equipments, and technology. It works in cohesion with the new business, its founder, ensuring the success of the mutually beneficial program.

Seed Capital

The significance of money can’t be ruled out in bringing ideas to the ground. In this era of crowded market places, apart from incredible idea, mentoring, you also require investment. Many of the wonderful ideas fail to come on ground as capital challenge crops up. That’s one of the real issues, plaguing the startups.

We are financially sound to sponsor your out of the box idea with the requisite seed capital. Our only intention is to-enable your dream startup sprout, flourish on ground.

How to Contact Us?

Don’t wait way too long!!! Here we are to solve all your puzzles. As an expert in startup accelerator, we will mentor your startup. Merely conducting business is not on our priority, enabling new ventures scaleup definitely is. So, what are you waiting for!!!

You can get in touch with us through:
Official e-mail ID:, URL:,                        

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Incredibility of Lean Startup for Entrepreneurs

As a founder of a startup, your highest priority is to make it successful, establish as a brand. That’s the dream every budding entrepreneur visualizes. However, it’s not that simple.

Unless you adhere with a flawless methodology, you can’t take your business to the next level as there are issues, challenges galore involved, including market demand, cost of running a company, and investment among others?

Traditional Methods are No More Effective

A famous quote, “Get along with the life as it goes,” is very much applicable for new businesses as well mold your system in accordance with the changing market dynamics, otherwise possibility is-your dream company might succumb to the crowded market competition. Reason being traditional methods are no more that effective. They can’t stand market pressure. Decades old traditional methods are no more viable. Barring certain exceptions they can’t stand the tough market competition.
Lean Startup

There is hardly any concept called build, learn and measure in a traditional business method. Merely accumulating resources, capital will not help. That’s true.

Another loophole in the traditional method of running a business is-obsolete “checks and balances” rules in place that hardly hold any ground in the current business landscape.

What is that Scientific Method?

Scientific methods evolved over a period of time are finding many takers. Reasons are obvious. Designed focusing on the challenges of startups, scientific methods are delivering great results. That’s what you as an entrepreneur wanted.

The emergence of lean startup methodology has been fueling the growth of many startups. The key to operating under trying market condition is to come up with a roadmap, overcoming a wide spectrum of business challenges.

Exciting thing about the new age system is-it focuses on MVP (Minimum-Viable-Product).  Right!!! Rather than focusing on rolling out bunch of products and services, it talks about introducing a product or service that can endure market pressure, helping the company ascending its strategic goals. While in traditional methods, enterprises lack such foresightedness and strategy. That’s why this methodology is termed as scientific method of running a company.

Considering its benefits, feasibility, startups cutting across domains and geographies are leveraging lean startup methodology.

At Innovify, we are technically qualified to push your favorite enterprise towards sustainability. A team of professionally qualified professionals with rich experience in lean startup management, research, sales and marketing, and launching among others work in unison, enabling new businesses in realizing their true business potential.

In its scintillating professional stint, the team has successfully helped many startups in accomplishing their short as well as long term goals.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Lean Startup is Way Ahead of Traditional Methods

Good thing about the new age development, the lean startup which is transforming the future of startup is-it plugs the loopholes before things go haywire. That’s why it is being accepted by industry cutting across domains of expertise.

Let’s Initially Make Efforts to Understand the Traditional way of Running Startups
Generally businesses adhere with the following set of rules before starting their business:
  • Business Plan.
  • Arm yourself with training.
  • Decide a place.
  • Arrange capital.
  • Decide the legal structure.
  • Get registration certificate from the local government.
  • Get registered for tax.
  • Know the employer responsibilities.

Is the old System Becoming Obsolete

Sounds bit interesting, the above set of rules talks about so many things, their significance can’t be ruled out. But what surprises me is-where is the accountability, and checks and balances in the system. That’s why this traditional system of conducting a business is no more effective, resulting in the shutting down of majority of startups.

The New Phenomenon is Just Amazing

Research and development on the operation, functioning of startups, new businesses suggest-they can’t coup up with the market challenges bases obsolete, traditional rules, methodology. Subsequently giving birth to a new methodology called as leanstartup.

Ascend with the New Age Phenomenon

There are couple of rules that form the nucleus of the incredible phenomenon, transforming the new businesses. Let’s learn about Build-Measure-Learn rule. This rule focuses on two significant principles:
  1. Come up with a MVP that is Minimum Viable Product: Just do away with the feature, methods, process that hardly contribute in the direct learning and experience you are seeking.
  2. Innovative Accounting reports must clearly define triple A: Actionable, Accessible, and Auditable.

See the difference, how the new age development is enabling newly started enterprises in scaling up.
In comparison to traditional method, it is very much scalable. It clearly focuses on checks and balances which plays a critical role in establishing your pet company as a brand.

Each word speaks!!! Let’s for instance take-“Do away with the features, methods, process that hardly contribute in the direct learning and experience you are seeking”, here the theory clearly talks about accountability. As system is in place, you can easily figure out the things which are not working in your favor and your pet business at large. The moment that happens, you are in a better position to plug the loopholes, giving a new life to your business.

Bank on Our Credibility

If you are seeking a reliable organization with expertise in successfully fueling the growth of new enterprises then bank on the expertise of Innovify. We are a professionally qualified company with rich experience in lean startup methodology.