Friday, 21 November 2014

Explore Innovify to live your dream

Dreams are just amazing!!! It’s something intangible, not with us that keeps us driving. Think of a scenario wherein you are at the helm of affairs of a leading company, delegating responsibilities, making critical decisions. Sounds really amazing!!! In fact that’s the dream majority of businessmen visualize. Not all can join the league of successful businessman as they succumb to market pressure, challenges, leading to closure of their business.

Never Undermine the Research

Before embarking on a venture, I suggest, why don’t you do a comprehensive research on the fate and challenges of beginners. Let me share with you a research conducted by a famous business school on the functioning of new companies. A Harvard study says – about 75% of the new companies fail to sustain the initial momentum, leading to curtain down on their very existence. Shocking!!!

I am very much sure; nobody would like to be in that weird environment…

Search for an Expert Mentor

Enthusiasm is a great virtue; however, mere enthusiasm will not lift your dream company’s fortune. What you need is a meticulous mentorship under experts with professional experience in guiding the growth story of new companies.
Entrepreneurship is an art, not many are equipped with that art. So, what’s the way-out??? If you are really hell bent on becoming an entrepreneur, explore a company, which brings in expertise in fuelling the growth of the startups with expertise in lean startup.

Explore the Expertise of Innovify

Here is a company with a brilliant track record in bringing about a revolutionary turnaround in the future of new companies. Blending expertise with modern technology, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, they are enabling startups in realizing their true potential.

Leveraging the core principles of lean startup – build, measure, and learn, they are successfully helping new companies grow, establish as a brand. The comprehensive knowledge in lean startup incubator enables them in figuring out the hurdles, bottlenecks at the initial stage, leading to growth without a break. That’s one of the significant advantages of the modern methodology.

So, if you think you are fed-up running from one corner to another in the quest for a trustworthy partner for your dream company, step-in at Innovify and see the difference with our startup accelerator methodologies. And live your dream with head held high!!! Who knows, you could be the next big thing in the business world!!!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Don’t Undermine the Startup Incubator Phenomenon

With the ever changing market dynamics, business processes too are going through a sweeping change. Why not? Do you remember that age old adage: “Get along with the time as it goes,”! Guess why?

Well, if you don’t accustom with the changing times, you will be left behind in the race. I can bet – a real entrepreneur will never take a risk to push the new phenomenon to the back burner, which could be a decisive factor in his/ her future. Startup incubator is one such outstanding development, which is taking the world of business by storm.

What Experts Say?

Experts from the industry have thrown their weight behind the new age development, a blessing in disguise for new companies, struggling entrepreneurs, promising businessmen. A definition coined by National Business Incubation Association highlights its importance – the real objective of such a phenomenon is to – identify a potential idea, concept and enable them taste success. Their impact varies from region to region, genre to genre.

The support extended by such companies in the initial phase of business is very critical since the initial first four-five years define the success or failure of the organization.

There are amazing benefits of startup incubator – creates job, builds wealth, enables in economic development, among others. That I am sure gives you a window to comprehend the game changing scenario for new companies, entrepreneurs, beginners.

Don’t push your dream enterprises towards the brink of failure. Identify a company with proven track record in the genre and see the difference. I am of the opinion – it will pay dividend. It’s like – either take a battle head-on or leave the battle field. Now, do you think entrepreneurs can take the leeway to leave the battle field?

Well, real entrepreneur is somebody, who doesn’t leave the battle field of entrepreneurship. He/ She simply keeps digging in, hopping one day his/ her business will be a brand.

Join Innovify’s Startup Incubator Programme

Basis my experience in the research on the growth and success of startup, I can proudly articulate – Innovify’s expertise as a startup incubator could be a game changing phenomenon for your dream company. Here are some of the reasons:
  • Wonderful infrastructure
  • Provides solid business plan
  • Help you manage product life cycles
  • Help you connect you with the right people
  • Help your company in becoming appealing to investors
Don’t let market challenges crush your dream of establishing a dream company from a start. If you have a wonderful idea that has the potential to become a brand, reach them through Innovify  

Friday, 14 November 2014

Do You Have Any Idea? Why Startup Accelerator Necessitated???

The changing market dynamics is forcing entrepreneurs to streamline their strategy. Over the years, market ecosystem has gone through an evolution. Why not!!! Market competition, customers’ expectation, and technological development among others are giving birth to many new developments, systems, processes. The new age phenomenon – startup incubator is one such massive development, a huge relief for new companies, entrepreneurs.
Let me take this opportunity to expand your knowledge base on this prominent issue. Initially it wasn’t welcomed as happens with any new development. Industry insiders were casting doubt on its very feasibility. However, as the new development brings with it incredible benefits, it is gradually founding takers.

Why it came into existence?

I’m sure you must have heard about an adage – “Necessity is the mother of all invention”. That sums up the essence!!! Industry leaders thought of coming up with a methodology, which can enable new businesses, ideas scaleup. That’s how startup accelerator came into the existence.

Do you have any idea, why it was necessitated??? To comprehend its significance, let me draw your attention towards a prominent research undertaken by a globally acclaimed business school. The research by Harvard Business School on the functioning of new companies, their future prospect says – about 75% of the companies fail to sustain the initial momentum, forcing them to shut shops.

Significance of New Phenomenon

 I would like to draw new entrepreneurs’ attention on the very significance of the new methodology. The programme encourages, promotes startups, providing them support in infrastructure,   technology, business flow, and market strategy among others. That’s not all, such entities also support in mentorship and seed capital. I’m sure, I’m successful in proving my point – it’s an incredible development.

Research on the management of startups, who have taken mentorship, support from the accelerator shows – companies under the umbrella of accelerator enhances their growth prospect. They are more successful in comparison to new companies without any mentorship.

Your Search Ends with Innovify

I can understand your pain… I know how new businessmen, entrepreneurs are suffering in overcoming market challenges. It’s not a cakewalk to find a right kind of mentor, who brings with it professional expertise in transforming the destiny of beginners.

Banking on my research, I can say with pride – Innovify is custom-made for your kind of company.

Don’t give up on your dreams of becoming a successful first generation entrepreneur!!! Explore your dreams at Innovify!!! So, do you think, you have a wonderful idea that has the potential to make it big in the corporate world, reach them through Innovify the Startup Accelerator.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Significance of Startup Accelerators in Transforming the Future of Startups

I may not be an expert in astrology; however, I’m quite confident about my research acumen, focusing on the significance of startup accelerator in transforming the future of new companies, struggling to realize their strategic goals.

Let me draw your attention on a finding of a global business school before delving more into the modern phenomenon, which is taking the industry by storm. A comprehensive research conducted by a globally acclaimed business school Harvard Business School throws light on the challenges of new companies, concept, and idea. According to that research -- merely 25% of the startups survive the challenging market pressure. While the chunk – 75% are forced to shut down their shutters.

Moving Ahead

That statistics literally can shiver any entrepreneur, struggling to establish his/ her brand. So, what’s the solution? Startup accelerator are a huge sigh of relief for new companies, entrepreneurs encountering issues galore in overcoming market challenges.

It is the process, helping Startup Company’s take-off, providing support through infrastructure, cutting edge technology, sales and marketing, seed capital, and mentorship among others. Success rate is amazing!!! That’s the reason, many startups irrespective of their genre bank on the new phenomenon.

Why Don’t You Leverage On the Expertise of Innovify?

I can bet on their credibility!!! It’s a company, which brings splendid experience in shaping up the future of many new companies on the drawing table. Potential ideas, concepts go through an exhaustive process, before they are identified for a much needed push.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Team with expertise in the domain onboard
  • Mentors and investors
  • Facility of seed capital
In return of seed capital, a nominal equity, ranging from 5 to 8% is charged from the client. Innovify doesn’t entertain all the applications. A team of experts researches on an idea, concept on a wide spectrum of market challenges, including viability, customer interest, future, costing, and long term prospect among others before pushing it to the next level and declaring it as a potential idea.

There are many success stories!!! The success of Landbay and Kwanji corroborate their expertise. Banking on their expertise in the genre, Innovify enabled them in scaling up. They are now no more a startup.

Don’t let market challenges crush your dream of establishing a dream company from a scratch. If you have a wonderful idea that has the potential to become a brand, reach them through: Innovify

Successful Growth Assurance with Startup Incubator Tactics

As an entrepreneur, establishing your pet startup as a brand always falls on your top agenda. And why not??? After all, you are investing your time, hard earned money, resources.

Does the Reality Check?

However, as an awakening soul, you just can’t push the reality under the carpet. What’s that reality??? The reality is-about 75% of all new businesses fail to surmount the cut throat market competition, compelling them to shut down their shop.

A research by leading business school, Harvard Business School throws painful data pertaining to new businesses. The research shows 75% of all startups fail to survive the crowded market’s challenging competition, forcing closure of the business. You just can’t undermine the dreadful statistics as it was a comprehensive research conducted by world’s elite business school, the Harvard Business School.

Startup Incubator to Transform Your New Business

As happens in sports-if you want to become a successful footballer, you need an outstanding coach, mentor. In the similar fashion, if you want your new business to do well, grab new as well as repeat customers, become a brand, you require mentorship under an established startup incubator.

It’s a wonderful concept evolved over a period of time, which is swiftly gaining momentum. Many of you many not know what does that mean??? In plain language-its mutual program developed between a service provider (startup incubator and service receiver (new business) to enable startup succeed.

A professionally qualified team with rich experience in helping new businesses grows; establish themselves as a brand work in collaboration with the founder, head honcho of new business, enabling his/ her dream take shape on ground.  That’s the most significant objective!!!

What does it Offer?

Here is the list of services:
  • Support in creating a board of directors
  • Provide support in accounting/ financial management assistance
  • Guide in accumulating capital, bank loans
  • Provide support in developing relevant document
  • Support in sales and marketing
  • Support in nurturing business etiquette
  • Support in exploring collaboration
  • Sharing comprehensive training
  • Help in exploring mentors
  • Provide assistance in business basics
  • Help in exploring networking opportunities
  • Support in with regulatory compliance
  • Provide support in intellectual property management and legal counsel

Innovify is a leading startup incubator, enabling new businesses in realizing their goals. A technically qualified team work in cohesion with the founders, top management of the startup, helping them in successfully scaling up.

Leveraging our expertise, many new businesses, companies, institutes are swiftly establishing themselves as a brand.